What do I need to use the SMART feature?


I’ve just signed up for the trial, and am particularly keen to try out the smart workouts that auto adjust. However reading the blog here Introducing Smart Workouts – Xert (baronbiosys.com) it appears I need an Android device or a Garmin headunit? I have neither :frowning:

I have Wahoo Kickr, Wahoo head unit, Windows PC and iOS phone. Can I use the smart workout features at all?

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Hi @Gregh341,

Welcome to Xert - we’ve updated that documentation to reflect the updates to the iOS app, which now also supports our SMART intervals!



thanks for the reply, so if I start a workout on my iPhone with a workout tagged as smart it will automatically adjust, is it that simple??

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Yup. :smiley:
The Xert mobile apps do a number of things the others can’t/don’t do.


OK I just did my first SMART workout, is there a way to see if anything SMART was applied within the workout?

Xert - Activity | SMART - Won’t Get Fooled Again (xertonline.com)

I don’t know what officially qualifies as SMART, but to see what a workout does you can look at how the intervals are defined at the bottom of the workout page. For the workout you mentioned, I think the thing that makes it SMART is that some of the intervals gradually ramp up or down. See: https://www.xertonline.com/workout/ab7kztabqpuqg9zf

I think most of the auto-adapting workouts tend to be more strenuous ones. Let the Sparks Fly is an example:
https://www.xertonline.com/workout/ghx5dadqj7aaf1bx. This one ensures that you keep riding at low power until right when you’ve recovered from high effort (“99.5% Reserve MPA”).

I’m by no means an expert, so others can correct me if I’ve gotten anything wrong.

The SMART logic is applied automatically by the Xert Mobile app when in AUTO mode.
Depending on the interval definition (view in the Workout Designer as @amcnabb suggests) you may experience several different types of SMART interval during a workout. Afterwards under Activities it looks like any other completed workout but is labeled SMART. The magic happened during the workout.

SMART intervals aren’t based on %FTP like your garden variety block workouts from other platforms.
The most noticeable SMART interval while riding would be variable duration where the interval timer will slow down or speed up as you hit or fail to hit the target. The variable portion can be the work interval or the rest interval. So if you fail to hit a target consistently on a work interval the interval takes longer to complete. If you take things too easy (or stop pedaling) during a rest interval the timer speeds up.
Variable duration intervals have maximum delta of 50%.
Other SMART intervals may be curvilinear or sloped entries not possible with traditional block chart workouts.
Open up the SMART workout you did in Workout Designer. Click on any entry in the Power column, select the dropdown list, and explore the options. That’s the power of SMART intervals. :slight_smile: For details study that article link you posted.

Advanced users can also design their own SMART workouts –
Advanced Workout Design using SMART Intervals – Xert (baronbiosys.com)

Hi. New user as well. In smart mode will it allow you to fail during an effort or does it sense this situation and move the rest segment up immediately…ie toward the end of 4 segment WO I just could not finish the last segment and slowly ground to a halt. I did not sense any adjustment in power demand or length of segment to avoid that failure. Is this what Smart is supposed to prevent? Also if you think the suggested WO is too demanding is there a way to reduce the wattage demand by a factor before starting? Can you do that reduction on the fly?

Hi @hmeldgard, not exactly. Xert can detect when you’re about to fail (if MPA is close to your current power output), but it doesn’t intervene to reduce the intensity before you hit failure. Instead, the SMART workouts are designed in such a way to bring you to a specific point of fatigue (or recovery) before continuing - most of the workouts in our library will never intentionally bring your to failure (with the exception of Breakthrough workouts).

Yes, the apps all come with workout scaling, so you can adjust the intensity of the targets up or down, depending on the day.