What did just happen...?

I’ve had a bit of a challenge lately with using different power meters (https://www.xertonline.com/forum#!/support:handle-different-power-mete), but it’s been manageable. A workout I did a couple of weeks ago raised my TP from a historic low up to 327 W and it’s been staying round about there since then. But now I did yet another “recalculate progression”, which I’ve made into a ritual just about every day ever since the problems I raised in another thread 25 days ago (https://www.xertonline.com/forum#!/support:workouts-fitness-signature) and now all of a sudden it’s down to 311 W! Excuse me?!

Seriously, its been recalculating my progression into the same type Fitness Signature every time since a couple of weeks ago (when I started doing that ritual), and now it dropped 15 W? I’m confused.

I’ve dried using the old Seed value of 50, but it had adjusted this to 48 - both with the same result. What does the Seed value do?

You should not be doing so many recalcs. Do you start them with the same signature? If not, whatever problem exists can be compounded. You should attempt to save a good starting signature every time before the recalc. Recalcs are pretty drastic measure that should be performed infrequently. Secondly, we added a bit less attenuation recently to HIE changes during periods of without breakthroughs. Many users were noticing that their HIE values had become too low over long periods between breakthroughs. Also notice that you’ve had 2 big *fakethroughs" in the past 3 days (big open circles) where you signature declines. This combination will likely have brought your TP down as compared to before. It may be a few watts too low for you now, but then this means it is nothing you can’t prove the system wrong about with a good effort. :slight_smile:

I need to do the recalcs since I obviously cannot trust Xert to end up on the same result otherwise (see https://www.xertonline.com/forum#!/support:workouts-fitness-signature). The trickle down process does not consistently do this when workouts are updated.

Yes, I’ve saved the same signature right before doing the recalc. But that doesn’t help, because the first uploaded workout doesn’t seem to get that signature anyway, so I manually have to set the same signature to the first uploaded workout after doing the recalc and let it trickle down from there. I’ve ended up on the same result all the time before, but now all of a sudden I’m more than 15 Watts off! I can’t have this, I need to trust the model and this isn’t helping… Would you say the signature is more correct now than a week ago…?

What does the Seed value do? How come it came down from 50 to 48? Should I leave it a auto-update?

Seed value sets your initial training load. As explained, you had two recent drops in signatures due to getting close. One thing to recognize is that when you get close to a maximal effort, you need to push all the way to failure otherwise you will see a drop in your fitness signature. Normally it’s just a few watts that get corrected when you push all the way the next time. The software allows this to occur to give you an awareness of it, in case you may be experiencing a drop in fitness for some reason. If the decline is invalid, go ahead and push the next time and it will correct. Alternatively use the tools on the activity details to override the signature values. The tools are there for this purpose if you need additional assistance, please email support and we can have a look at things more closely.

Why would I need to auto-update my initial training load?

To let the system know what your training load was for your first activity with power.

Again, why would I need to auto-update that value, isn’t it a set-it-and-forget-it type of initialization value? Why doesn’t it stay off if I disable it? It always seem to be reverted back to On, at least if I do a “recalculate progression” after turning it off.

Does it in any way affect the calculation of my Fitness Signature?

When Signature Decay Method is set to “New - No Decay”, your seed value is very important in the calculation of your fitness signature. Otherwise, it has no effect. We’ll see why things are resetting for you.