Website vs. Garmin: MPA different

I did a ride today where i went really deep to deplete my MPA. Successfully according to the field on my Garmin, I made a breakthrough! However, looking at the same ride via the website afterwards, it show I came nowhere even near a breakthrough. Are garmin and website not using the same algorithms? Any Idea where this comes from? I really want to use garmin to actively chase breakthroughs, but that doesnt seem possible right now.

Be sure your Xert Code on the Garmin is up-to-date. The server will also do error correction that the Garmin doesn’t do.

thanks for the quick reply. Its up to date. what kind of error correction does the server do? During the ride my garmin showed my MPA went down from 1200 to below 300 in 12 minutes. But on the website/server it doesnt drop more than 150. so that is a massive difference

Be sure to configure the app with your Xert Code.