Wahoo sync using total time instead of riding time

I have a Wahoo Bolt which is syncing my outdoor rides with Xert. Xert is using the total time instead of ride time. I’d like it to use ride time and exclude time stopped for red lights and traffic etc. Is this a setting I can change?

Let’s just say that topic has been put to rest. :laughing:
Xert doesn’t track it because it doesn’t fit within their model and that makes sense once you understand why. Stop lights are technically RIBs (rests in between).
Here’s one post but there are others (search for “moving time”) –
Xert Only Counts Elapsed Time - Support - Xert Community Forum (xertonline.com)

If you absolutely must have it and sync to Strava, wherever you go there you are. :slight_smile:
(Strava uses GPS to calculate moving time under the activity’s details.)