Wahoo KICKR Smart Bike

So all of your power history is wrong? And you need to start again from a Xert perspective (signature, training loads etc)? Not sure how best to use what you have eg if there is an easy way to strip power data and use HR to estimate XSS and focus from those rides… you will also need a breakthrough with the ‘correct’ power meter readings.

FWIW, I did a direct comparison of busted bars with fully working bars. I used the same workout. With the new bars, apart from being amazed at what it felt like to have a real shifter effect, I sought to work to the same cadence and roughly HR values. Miles covered with new bars w/in a half mile of old bars. BUT, I wa able to do that at dramatically lower effort. Amazing when a “gear is a gear.” LOL

FWIW #2, I am working now primarily to SmO2 levels on each leg. I am doing that because of a recent diagnosis suggesting that I’m at risk for serious, emergent cardiovascular failure secondary to a 45 year history of HEAVY endurance training, and/or high intensity resistance training.

Recommendation: for those of you in your 60’s and above, mores so 70’s above, and for those of you left here in your 80’s, should you begin to experience an increase in frequency, volume and prominence of ectopic beats, i.e., PVC’s, PAC’s etc., get a so-named TransThoracic Echogram. It is truly a non-invasive diagnostic tool, takes about 45’ from start to finish, and has the capability of alerting to enlargements in the major cardiovascular pipes, especially aortic, and ventricular, among others, e.g., valves, etc.

Those findings can alert you, if you have been a multi-year athlete, if your cardiovasculature has undergone exercise related “re-modeling.” Fortunately, there are now increasing numbers of so-named Sports Cardiology depts.here in the US and likely elsewhere in first world countries who can do follow-up with more detailed exercise physiological data. Penn Medicine in Philadelphia PA is one, Massachusetts General in Boston, MA is another.

The value of such a facility is that you are treated as an Athlete, not someone affected by the disease of lethargy and the outcome of indolent pulchritude. My first appointment is this coming week for a consult and, get this, I have been invited to bring in all my workout data, as well as all of my wearables, including Moxy Monitors.

HTH, Anthony

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