Volume pyramid & intensity ramp

Hi, currently I’m aiming for nationals in Olympic tri. (Won’t win or make the podium) but my plan is that I will peak volume now in Jan/Feb and then reduce it, meanwhile intensity will ramp up until the race. Is there anything else than to change the IR to a lower grade? Don’t want to miss one simple factor or so :blush: atm Moderate 2 is working good for me and requires 13ish hours per week from me. As the Xata goes in base 45 days etc, do I need to manipulate dates? Race is 9th of June

Simply keep an eye on your weekly volume demand since as your training load increases, you’ll need more volume to sustain the Moderate 2 improvement rate. You have plenty of time to peak for the event and you may want to enjoy some riding now since it will be hard mentally to maintain discipline for the entire period leading up to the event in June. The training you do today isn’t going to amount to much by June so no need to be too fussy over workouts or Improvement rates just yet. As you get closer, it’ll be more and more important to eke out as many gains as possible.

Cheers, always nice to get a second opinion. I guess when the build period starts the real game begins, or at least that’s my thought on it and atm just trying to squeeze in quality volume letting HRV and body feel dictate rest days or easy/hard.