Using Xert to train polarized

Plus 1 for the H10 - rock solid every time, dual signals etc. I got through two warranty Tickr replacements from Wahoo before going back to Polar.

You guys are going to send me down a rabbit hole on this one! I was just going to plum for around 80% of Ltp for my zone 1 target.

From aerobic decoupling tests based on a modified version of the Uphill Athlete’s protocol I got 135 bpm as my AET.

From a lactate test my AeT was 135 bpm.

From feel/breathing I placed my VT1 at 135 bpm.

From DFA = 0.75, analysed in Kubios I’d say 133 bpm.

Sorry, yes, we got a bit off topic.
80% LTP should be fine as a start for an easy ride (though everyone’s signature is different) and I wouldn’t stress about going up to 90% or more briefly during a ride. Would also pay attention to RPE (should feel easy), breathing (light), and you should be able to talk comfortably in full sentences.

No worries, not far off topic and very interesting, I didn’t realise any of this was possible!

FWIW LT1 has been shown to be about 78% of FTP obviously athlete dependant.

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I’ve found that riding AT OR AROUND LT1 is not easy riding for prolonged periods. It’s not hard like sweetspot or easy like 20W below it. For me it requires commitment and focus.
After listening to a series of podcasts with Inigo San Millan (Coach to the TdF winner Tadej Pogacar) I started to train mostly at LT1 with 1 session per week of threshold+ intervals or a hard group ride. His and Xerts approach seem to be very similar although arrived at from different directions. Xert from a data analysis standpoint and his from a cellular viewpoint as regards production, buffering and combustion of lactate. His day job is a leading cancer researcher and appears to coach TdF winners in his spare time!

Do you have a link to those podcasts? Thanks

Sorry for the delay. This is the main one

There is also a huge thread on it on the TrainerRoad forum if you frequent that place. Also he’s written some blog posts on Training Peaks. If you Google Training peaks and his name they will come up.

Many thanks :+1:

This is another one. He goes a bit deeper into the weeds in this one.