Using the Garmin IQ App indoor reads 0w

When paired with my SRM everything functions as normal. When I pair my Neo indoor trainer and disable my SRM I can read power on all my other screens as expected but the Xert app reads power at 0w.
As a side question, is there any timeline for an iphone app or desktop version to train indoors?

I have the same experience with Neo x Garmin Edge 1000/IQ app. Also installed Xert Mobile on a HTC android mobile and connected via blue tooth with the Neo however 0 Watts either.

Ashley, we’ll check whether the smart trainers data isn’t being picked up by the app. Hans, I would recommend that you use the ANT+ FE-C inferface for your Neo smart trainer with Xert Mobile. You may need to use a USB OTG cable with an ANT+ stick with your phone.

Ashley, iOS is on our roadmap and an important item at the moment. We aren’t considering a desktop version, although we have some interesting new features over the coming months that may help. Stay tuned…

I think I found a workaround this morning, I paired my Neo to my computer but my garmin to my srm, that way I was getting the computer doing its erg business but I was able to use the xert app to monitor my numbers.
I had a thought, in the same way that a lot of people discuss their numbers generally being lower for indoor vs outdoor power presumably the same concept is true of the metrics/targets in xert if used for indoor training? What I mean is I can do 1470w outside but there is absolutely no way I could do that on my indoor trainer. When im building a workout, presumably this should be considered? I thought about this as one of my intervals this morning had my cadence drop to something crazy like 40rpm at the end and I could hardly get through it, MPA showed that I had plenty left but generally theres no way I could have pushed through it to maintain my cadence in the 100rpm range.
I understand its different for everyone but im guessing I should go with the numbers that I think I can do indoors vs outdoors?


Ashley, we are still looking into the issue with the power data coming from the ANT FE-C device and not the power meter.

We have a number of people that do indoor workouts without having to adjust their numbers. Granted, hitting your peak power would be a challenge depending on the trainer. However, MPA should still track normally.

There are several factors that you’ll need to potentially account for:

  1. If you don’t manage your cadence properly or if you’re doing cadence drills while using MPA, you’ll find MPA impossible to reach. One thing MPA calculations don’t account for (yet) is when your cadence is too slow or too fast for the given power. This adds fatigue that won’t be visible in terms of MPA. This may be part of what you had experienced.
  2. It’s easier to use your weight and body motion to generate power when riding outdoors. For some, this is something that may take some getting used to when they move from outdoors to the stationary trainer.
  3. If you’re a big guy with large musculature, you may have a harder time dissipating heat. You’ll nee d to improve your sweat response and have a good fan (or two) to avoid having heat compensation become the limiter and not MPA.
  4. If you go back to using power coming from the trainer, recognize that there maybe some power discrepancies between your PM and the trainer. A 2% difference will be material to successful completion of the more difficult intervals.

If all of these bases are covered, then you may consider reducing your signature numbers for the trainer. Just be aware of some of the factors described before doing so.

All good logical stuff, thanks for that.
For me my perception is I feel like the cadence drop I experienced was down to just not being able to hold the power with the same cadence and make the interval. Cooling was all good and ive done some tests between my srm and neo and there pretty close (granted they are slightly different). If I lower my signature values the interval intensity will be less, I think its the only way I can get through it without my cadence dropping so significantly. Ill continue to experiment.

Our upcoming Smart Intervals feature will be very interesting for people to use in training as the intensity starts higher but decreases during the interval, to match your fatigue. This decrease in intensity will make it easier to hold your cadence as you fatigue.

Look forward to it, thanks

I now have connected a USB OTG cable with an ANT+ stick with my phone. The Xert mobile scan shows TACX Neo. There is however only CAD SPD CAD SPD but no power I can select! Als I use Garmin Vector PM and it is not shown during the scan. IMG_4629

Be sure to have the ANT+ Android plugins installed, including the USB plugin. This will allow your Neo and Vectors to appear as ANT devices.

It works with these plugins! First ride and realy fantastic!! Pitty power off with cellphone but next ride first charge the baterry. TYVM 4 your adequate and quick response!! Hava a fantastic weekend. Hans