Understanding HIE!

What one athlete has an advantage over another WITH both have similar LPT,TP, MAP and w/K, but one has i.e 17kj and the other 25kj also both are CG Specialists?

Shar, use the Signature Calculator to see how changes in HIE affect your ability to perform. For example this: https://www.xertonline.com/calculator?power_0=1300&duration_0=1&power_1=350&duration_1=1200&power_2=438&duration_2=180&action=calculate results in a HIE of ~20 and this: https://www.xertonline.com/calculator?power_0=1300&duration_0=1&power_1=398&duration_1=600&power_2=453&duration_2=180&action=calculate results in a HIE of 15. Both have the same 5 minute power but one has a much higher TP than the other. Experiment with other values to see how HIE, TP and PP work together to define the entire Power-Duration Relationship.

I’d love to see a percentile curve for HIE and HIE/kg.

Road Sprinter is the closest we get. it’s still roughly 60% TP.