Understanding Analytics

Good morning Armando,
I was wondering how to read a few of the values presented in analytics.
Understanding Analytics
There are 4 bars at the top Power, Speed, Cadence, Heart Rate. Each has a value on the left and right. The value on the left appears to be the average, while the value on the right appears to be max. Each bar is partially filled. What does the fill status of each bar mean?
Also, I’m used to seeing the ride calories value (in kCal) be practically equal to work value (in kJ), but I notice that Xert puts the kCal value significantly higher. Is there a more advanced algorithm in the works?
Is there a way to see the Endurance energy for each ride? Is there a way to see this endurance energy during a ride? This might be helpful in pacing on very long rides.
Thanks in advance,

The bars are simply a measure of average/peak for the range selected. kCal are always higher than kJ, after you convert kJ to kCal and apply gross efficiency. Endurance Energy is an advanced topic that we have in the pipeline. Not a simple concept to use unfortunately, since depletion of endurance energy stores impact your fitness signature interactively during an activity. Imagine not just having MPA data per second but also TP, HIE and PP data for each second in all your activities.

Thanks! I’m looking forward to seeing endurance energy when it comes out. I find that the MPA model very closely resembles what I’m capable off at the beginning of a ride, when I am fresh. But it suggests that I would be capable of the same peak effort after hours of riding at below threshold, and that doesn’t quiet ring true.
Thanks for making an amazing product, a little over a week in, and it’s making a huge difference in my training, not to mention making me understand what training is.

I have also any problems by understanding all symbols in the different charts. what does the “circles” means in the fittnes chart? they are small, big, colored, non-colored. i didnt find any connection to anything!?! :frowning: is there anywhere a manual explaining all charts, symbols and so on?

Yes! Check the FAQs, glossary and blogs. Fitness breakthroughs are an essential part of Xert.

OMG, makes sense, when you know it :slight_smile: Gold, silver and bronze Medal for a breakthru and open circle for a nearby breakthru.
I’m impressed at how quickly you’re answering questions here! and slowly but steady i understand more and more XERT. :slight_smile: