Tutorial on Xert - where to start and in what steps

Thanks Marco. We have a number of ideas along the lines that you describe however modeling it automatically can be quite the challenge since aerobic decoupling could occur for a number of reasons, from hydration, core temperature, fueling (or not fueling) or even caffeine.

Does aerobic decoupling make you faster? I.e. should the workload be scaled up to reflect that? Or perhaps the added strain is not material to improvements? If you’re heart rate is beating faster than normal and can’t reach MPA as a result, does that make you faster? Maybe it’s elevated because you just had a big meal. When do we add more XSS because of aerobic decoupling and when do we not?

We’re working on tools that help you uncover some of the second-order limiters to MPA. Some of these limiters are good for you and some make no difference. Some affect different aspects of your fitness signature.

We hope to be able to bring this capability to the system. It’s not easy unfortunately. Simply adding signature parameters can greatly complicate and even obfuscate what’s really happening when it’s not done properly.