Trial review

So far I’m disappointed. 1 The trial should not be limited as I can’t get the real experience or know if it would be better if I was. Am I not recommended the correct workouts because I’m in the trial? What would it hurt to have use of all the workouts and creating your own? 2. Your data tells me to do an endurance, recovery or whatever type of ride with certain XSS but the recommended rides don’t match that. 3. It tells me I need a recovery ride or week but I have to change my plan to do this and your recommended rides don’t reflect your own guidance? 4. A bit less of an issue is I just picked up power meter pedals and they differ by 20 watts plus compared to my trainer. I don’t have an easy way to say evaluate me now or manually change my numbers. 5. I can’t do your own fitness test during the trial? A person new to power or just not having data and a user like me that came off an injury and then months of little training since needs a starting point. Or if I need to reevaluate like I do switching devices. ```
Not giving up as I like the ideas but I’m not sold yet.

Hi Michael, thanks for the feedback. Here are some answers for you, in order: 1) & 2) We try to limit trials as little as possible, to reduce abuse. As it is, some take advantage, unfortunately. Our trial period is 30-days, without requiring a credit card, to help our new users get comfortable with the features and new ideas; this is more than many others in the industry offer. In the trial we offer workouts across most/all the Focus types, but we obviously we can’t do that and cover all durations. 3) You don’t have a lot of data history (27 activities) but the system assumes this is all there is, and given how much ‘work’ you have done lately, it calculates a fatigued state. If you have some fitness from activities prior to this, you can use the Freshness Feedback feature to better tune the system to you, and the recommendations will update. 4) If you have more than one power source (e.g. pedals and trainer) you should use ‘power match’ when on the trainer. This ensures that all power data is coming from one source indoors and outdoors - your pedals. Most manuf acturers don’t guarantee accuracy much better than +/- 2% and unfortunately when you then combine that with the fact that both power sensors are reading power at different points along the mechanical system, a discrepancy can be seen. 5) Xert doesn’t require ‘testing’ to determine your fitness signature. All it needs is a hard ride where you’re brought to failure (like your ramp test) in a few different ways (sprint & non-sprint).