training status and form

my training status and form always stay at very tired. last week i did not train at all. and my form was frash by 0,1 procent.
What do i need to do to get it to go to green(very fresh) and stay there.

Hi EJ. Your current Training Load (from the XPMC) is quite low and so Xert is going to believe you will be tired from workouts that have high XSS. If at the start of the your progression (your first activity on the system) you had been training before and you believe you had build up some training load at that time, use the My Fitness / Advanced tab and enter in a Seed Value for your Training Load. A simple way to estimate your Training Load is to take the number of hours you had been working out per week, multiple by 60 and divide by 7 to get an estimate of your Seed value. The further in the past your first activity was, the less dependency there is on an accurate seed value to establish your current Training Load. Hope this helps. Let me know if you need further explanation.