Training scheme

So, I have a granfondo on the 2 september.
Now, xert says I am on thge peak fase, and I expect ir to change to tapper fase on the next few days, giving me rest on the legs - This is automatic, right?
One more thing. When we look at suggested workout, it gives us a workout suggested for that precise minute right? If I check it agaion in a couple hours, the XSS required will be diferent, right?

So, when planning my training, it is a bit a minute by minute training - that is - if I train in the morning or at night, these 12 hours changing can make the train diferent, as the rest will be up 12 hours more.
Is that it?


The training advisor does not change your improvement rate. You’ll need to change it to Taper if you we to have a decrease in training during the week before an event. The training advisor updates and recalculates your recommended workouts every second but will only change the recommended workout every hour.

OK. So many days before the event should I change it to tapper. 7 days? 4 days? I just want to get to the date the best I can. Should I aim to the blue stars on the calender at the destination date?

Generally 7 days is ok. Yes, blue stars would be best.