Training Indicator (Stars)

I am still struggling to get a reasonable signature curve. After eliminating all workouts with faulty power spikes my Peak power came down to accepable 1050W (ok, its probably around 1250W, but did not test it for a while), but FTP is now higher (4.3W/kg), which is probably a bit too high and I get now only 1 lonely star. I am currently at 5-7h training per week (pre base) and did about 10.000km last year with some succesful races, so I consider myself at least „trained“. How can I get 2 or 3 stars? Thank you, Andreas

The numbers of stars goes up with the amount of training you’ve been doing. 5-7 hours a week is roughly 1-2 stars. You’ll need to boost your training to get to 2-3 stars. It a measurement relative to yourself and not if you feel you are “trained”.

I understand, but TL depends on the correctness of the signature curve, doesn’t it? With the (faulty) 2000W spikes my TL was higher since the curve predicted a much lower FTP/1-h power based an the exact same training history data. Now the 1h-power prediction is too high which leads to much lower Training Stress Scores of the individual sessions. I train for 7 years now with powermeters and usually know exactly what my current “signature” is. Overriding the signature curve with the calculator tool does not help, since every new training upload leads to an automatic recalculation. In the end I am currently not sure if I can trust the workout/training recommendations since I am sure that my signature curve is still incorrect.

What you can do is go back to an activity that you feel you should adjust the signature for (even to your first activity), using the Advanced tab on the activity, enter in new signature values and Save/Lock. This will apply the changes via a trickle-down process and you should end up with a signature that better match your abilities. You could also try a Progression Recalculation (see FAQs).