Training advisor errors ???

My training advisor states that I have a deficit of 67 xss, however it recomends ONLY a workout of 58 xss. That’s why I always keep getting a deficit. At least it should recommend a workout of 67 xss !!! Img_5349

You are free to choose a workout with more XSS if you wish. The advisor bases the workout XSS on recent training you’ve done on Saturdays, respecting the time you may have available to train.

Thanks Armando, but there,s a bigger issue. Just 2 hours ago, the system told me that I was 70 xss short. So, i did a workout with 69 xss. After the upload , the system now tells me that I have a deficit of 38 xss, and this just during a period of 75 minutes. The big issue is that I cannot control my other activities. The system should be deterministic but it appears to be random . I should be able to know at , say, midnight, what my required xss are for the day, just like I know how many calories I need to maintain my weight. As an example, since I now have a defict ( for some reason , of 38 xss) , and prior the workout i had a defict ot 70 ( Nothing changed during the day) , therefore the system should have been able to have calculated ahead of time, at the biginning of day ( midnight)!that that I needed 108 xss ( or whatever) . That way I could plan other workouts ( running, strength , etc). When i thought I was done with the cycling and was ready to go f or a planned run, now, instead I i have to do another cycling workout, when I could have accomplished the 108 in one workout . It makes me waste the time I had to exercise that is why it is very frustrating.

Hi Fern. Please send this note to our support email and we’ll be happy to help you further.

Thanks, I will but I think figured out what the problem is ( just by prospective analysis) which I’ll repost

Send your comments to support please. Thanks.