TP same as 2 hour power

New to the platform, and from what I understand TP here isn’t the same as 1 hour power, but should my TP be the same as my 2 hour power?!

I’m only on free trial so last 3 months training only synced, could that be the issue?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard. I suggest starting here if you haven’t seen this thread already —
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TP and FTP are close for many users but realize FTP isn’t really your one hour power (40-70 minutes per original Coggan study) plus TP isn’t FTP since the numbers are derived through different methods. TP is a floating value in Xert. Some variance is to be expected.
It may take more data points for your signature to get dialed in (see breakthrough info), but don’t worry about exactly matching. You want to be in the ballpark range then move forward from there. Xert constantly recalculates your signature after every activity or lack thereof over time (decay).