TP Increase

Hi guys after completing a 3 hour training session Sunday past my TP has increased around 30 watts to 297. This was due to a break through my MPA has also jumped up . Would this be accurate ?

I have also checked in Training Peaks and it says my threshold is currently 270 watts. So how can Xert suddenly jump up to 297 TP based on a break through sprint ? Or is the the rest of the session also analyzed to factor this change ?

Hi Fraser. Other systems are always able to pick up changes in fitness and 30 watt jumps are not common but can happen, especially if you haven’t had a breakthrough in a while and have been training. Having said that errors can creep in. Checkout for some help. You can try using the Save/Lock feature on a fairly recent activity to see how the change reflects in your current fitness signature. If there is bad data in the file, you can flag it. If you are still stuck, send a note to and we can have a look. Cheers.

Thanks Armando we will have a look at this.