Today's ride

Hi, I’m just starting off in Xert, so please excuse some very basic questions:

  1. In the adaptive fitness planner calendar view, I noticed that I only see the icon to have Xert plan my ride if riding time of day > time now, but even when the icon appears, it does not let me click on it to schedule a workout into today’s calendar slot. Is this a bug or is it intentional for some reason?
  2. What are the workflow options to do the workout I have a Garmin Fenix 3 and SRM power meter?
    A. Download the workout from the Xert application as a Garmin workout file and then manually transfer it into the Fenix 3 via cable? Then after the workout sync via Bluetooth and Garmin Connect and from there the compeleted workout jumps into Xert.
    B. Download the Connect IQ application to the Fenix 3 and then it automatically picks up today’s workout? Will this work given I didn’t see the Fenix 3 listed as a compatible device?

If your Usual Activity Time is before now, you can’t automatically schedule a workout for today. You’ll have to add it by hand (click on today and schedule it). The Workout Player isn’t available on the Fenix 3. You’ll need to download the TCX file from the Workout Designer and then load that onto the watch. If you have a Android, you can use an ANT+ USB stick with it and configure the SRM ANT+ device and run the workouts directly off your Android phone.

Thanks, that saved me a lot of messing around.

Well, not quite. I tried put the .txc file into the Workouts directory and various sub-directories, plus into the courses directory, but the Fenix doesn’t show any workouts or course it, even if I restart it. Am I missing something basic?

Some searching later, it seems the Fenix watches don’t like .tcx files, files, and have no “Newfiles” directory to do an onboard conversion. Any tips to fix this, or allow download of a .fit version of the workout?

Unfortunately, I’m not aware of anything that does TCX to FIT workout file conversion.