Time crunched cyclist

I was wondering what the best thing to do is for me as time crunched cyclist using xert
I am a amateur cyclist and want get the best training in my limited time

Hi Richard. If you only have 4 hours or less per week to train, your best bet is to just ride. There really isn’t a prescription that really offers much more value than simply spending time on the bike. if you wish to follow a workout, just choose one. The higher the XSS, the more benefit.

If you have more than 4 hours a week, then pick an Improvement Rate that matches your available time. You may need to choose workouts with greater Difficulty Rating / higher XSS to get the most out of your limited schedule. If you find them too challenging, look for workouts with lower Difficulty Rating. The system will automatically offer you greater difficulty workouts as your fitness improves.

Thanks for the reply👍🏼