Threshold Power Value from 1 year Data Vs 3 mo data

Finally decided to use Xert. 1st sync my 3 month data and gave my a TP 10W higher than what I currently had via FTP test (one week ago). Then I decided to upload a year activities via Strava. The TP now is 20W lower from my FTP test. What is happening and also i tried to change the athlete type from climber to Breakaway rider (to concentrate on my weakness) and recalculate progression it also change my TP to -6W .

The data can be seeded different ways with variable results but the point is to establish a “starting” fitness signature.
Xert will constantly recalculate your signature after every activity or lack thereof (decay).
No need to use recalibrate progression unless there is an issue with new activity data that is corrected instead of flagged (ignored for signature calculation).
Now that you have a starting signature your future rides/workouts will validate that signature as long as that activity includes periodic breakthrough events.

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