Thoughts on Ongoing Signature Problem

I am a 2 star century rider. I am generally enthusiastic about Xert and have spent time over the last 3 months to understand the underlying processes and logic. However I still don’t feel confident its working for me. It seems to want to overstate my TP at the expense of a very low HIE and this trend appears to have become more exaggerated recently. As my workouts are pretty consistent from week to week maintaining rather than building fitness this is a puzzle. As I have a few regular hills there is no shortage of maximal efforts. I have tried MPA analysis on individual rides and recently done a full recalculation but its gone back to TP 260+ and HIE 7-6-5. I am expecting to see 238-242 and 11-12. No way can I maintain 260 for an hour :slight_smile:

Our next release will help with this. There are likely rides in your progression throwing things off, perhaps tricking the algorithm. Try the beta and let us know how it works.

Hi Armando. Just done full recalculations in both production and beta environments which have the exact same 18 months of rides and workouts. I saved the signature values under the Advanced Tab in both to a gut estimate of 700-12-242 and then hit Recalculate Progression. The resulting signatures are: Production: 648W - 5.6kj - 263W; Beta 677W - 10.4kj - 236W. So quite a disparity. The Beta calculations are more in line with what I would expect. Must be some quite big changes under the bonnet :slight_smile:

Thanks for that testing and feedback John. One thing that was long overdue was to incorporate some of the things we discovered with the What’s My FTP? Garmin app into Xert Online. We had been wanting to do this and finally had an opportunity. We’re still testing out but are encouraged … and as you saw, lots of other great things happening. Appreciate your help!

Yeah the What’s my FTP app tends to give me around 242-244W after going through the hill sections where Xert shows some near exhaustion peaks. My last ten activities on the Beta recalc just done are min 237 max 249 mode 244 mean 243. If I stick with Beta can I move new activities across using manual uploads rather than waiting for you copying them over?