Tapering for an event

I’m about two weeks out from a “B” event. Looking at my Progression Chart at past time periods where I cut training load, increased recovery load, I can see that in about two weeks my form improved around 100 points. The question I have is in planning this taper my training load is and has been much less than the other time period (cutting out the zone 2-4 work). Will my form curve be sharper or flatter as I start tapering (reducing training load). I’m sorta looking at cutting out the speed endurance and rides to the track next week. Is there a way to calculate different training loads impact on form?

The higher the training/recovery load, the faster it declines. Similarly, the higher the training load, the more training is needed to keep it elevated. Hence your form curve should be a bit flatter. Having said that, you may want to play closer attention to how you’re feeling and the nature of the event you’re going into. Higher focus duration events (sprint time trials, for example) can be done under relatively higher recovery load than lower focus duration events like crits. Events with greater high intensity require a bit more freshness. All of this “depends” and is very athlete specific.