Taper is 7 days, Peak is 30 days, and my event is 24th March ,still in Build ?

Why am I am still in in Build Phase when my event I am training for 24th March which is now 31 days away, surely it should be saying I am in Peak?

Ahh I see that Peak is 30 days of which 7 days is taper !? That seems a little strange. What determines how long your peak phase should be? Why was 23 chosen and what impact does Peak Phase actually have on the model?

The phases are not hard changes. There is a continuous change from base - build - peak. Peak will recommend workouts targeted to your athlete type. 45-45-30 was the chosen for base-build-peak with the last week being a taper. The “taper” in fact doesn’t change the focus but is more a reminder to reduce your Improvement Rate to a level that allows you to recover in time for your event.