Suggested Focus is Fixed on Recovery?

For the past several weeks, my suggested focus has been fixed on recovery, even after taking a few days off. Any thoughts as to why this is?

I had the same issue when I first started out. From my understanding the fatigue algorithm is based the past 42 days on training load. If you don’t have enough data, or have come off a period of extended rest, you’ll see it prompting you for rest. Give it some time and it will normalize.

This is correct. If you’re a premium user and have a short history, you can increase Seed Value in My Fitness/Advanced to represent what your Training Load was at your first activity. This can affect when Recovery is displayed.

Interesting. I have the same issue. I am also stuck on 2 red stars (Very Tired, low training volume). I only joined a few days ago, but I have feed Xert as many activities as it could get from Strava.

It normally takes months to get things to be well-reflected on their own. Premium users can set a Seed Value to represent what they think would have been their Training Load at the time of the very first activity in their progression.

Thanks Armando. What changes in the coming months to have an impact on this? I’ve loaded up months of activities.

If you can load data from about December, you’ll see Training Load in your XPMC rise and start to level off, assuming your training has been consistent. If you have data since February, for example, you may see it still rising. In this case, setting a Seed Value will help with getting a more accurate Training Load and thus Training Status and Form, too.

I had a look and I’ve loaded activities back to April 2016, so 12 months worth. I did have about 5 weeks off over Christmas if the matters.

You only have power data from February and the system uses power data to determine your Training Status and Form. Continue to submit data and your Profile data will improve over time. Your Fitness Signature isn’t affected.

Ahh power. Yes I recently bought a power meter. So any activity that doesn’t have power is useless to Xert?
Thanks for your responses.

For the moment, you’ll need power. Soon you’ll be able to create and put in estimates for rides (or any activity) where you didn’t have a power meter to allow the system to account for the strain you obtained.

My suggested focus stays on fixed on recovery even though I have incrementally increased the “seed” input?

If your first activity was a long time ago, this may not have a material effect. If your Training Load is still low, then you may need to accumulate a bit more load before the method works more appropriately for you. How many stars are you at (if you are okay to share)?

2 stars. I had your app download all of my Strava activity; 1313 rides all time, 25 this year, 215 last year, 166 in 2015… My train load is typically high; I ride 5 to 6 days a week with weekly totals around 150 - 200 miles.

You’ll notice that in the last couple of weeks, you had much higher strain scores than anything since last year. This is what causes things to go in the red and it will take a number days for things to come back. Your training load is increasing quite rapidly and it is ok (in fact desirable) to be in the red during training at times. You wouldn’t want to keep it there too too long. Monitor how you feel and if you feel ok, then don’t worry about it but if you start feeling like you can’t make your workout goals, you may need to back off and let yourself recover a bit.

My training has jumped a lot in the last 2-4 weeks since I had a fully torn rotator cuff from a bike crash in a race at the end if last year. After surgery at the end of December I was not allowed to ride until early March, so yes I have been pushing it a lot in the past couple of weeks. I assume I can download the workouts and just keep pushing ahead to get back in form again? Thanks!

Yes. Just monitor things and how you’re feeling.