Sudden TP drop

My TP went from 270 to 250 in just two days for no apparent reason. Also, I suddenly have a training deficit of 1172 XSS despite regular training - and this is “taper week”! I am a bit puzzled as I have always perceived my Xert stats to be a surprisingly accurate reflection of my fitness. Deleted my last activity and manually uploaded again, but noticed no difference. Can you look into this please?

Hi Stefan. Did you you your Decay Method set to No Decay? It looks like there was an error in calculation after you previous breakthrough. There is a sudden drop in Training Load. (This error has been reported before but we think it should now be resolved.) If you remove your previous breakthrough and resync it, it should correct the error.

Decay Method was original. So I deleted the last two activities, changed to No Decay, recalculated and added the deleted activities back on, which gave me a TP of 282, with a drop from 297 on August 26. Quite a difference! Then I repeated the process, changing back to the Original Decay Method, which now puts me at 267. I assume that’s reliable now?

Yes. Stick with Original. Looks like the error was corrected.

Great. Thanks for helping so promptly!

Next ride, same story. Seems this was not a one-time glitch.

Very strange. Please send an email to support and we can have a deeper look.

Hi Armando, i’ve just had the same issue. I went for a group ride, had a breakthrough and now my training deficit is insane and my form has dropped almost 1 star. I will delete the ride now and re-sync but i thought i should let you know that it happened to me too. I will post again if it doesnt work.

Just an update, deleted the last two days worth of activities and re-synced, stats went back to normal