Strava Not Syncing

Hi, I’m new to Xert…
When I signed up last night, I linked my Strava account and it synced lots of activities.
My ride today is on Strava, but doesn’t show up in Xert. Also, when I click the Strava refresh button nothing seems to happen.
Is Strava supposed to sync in the background automatically?
Also, on a totally unrelated subject, is there a “search” function in this forum?
Thanks in advance!

Unfortunately, this forum doesn’t have a search. Our FB Users Group has a lot more content (although the FB search feature isn’t all that great unfortunately). Users there are very helpful though. Use the Strava link on the menu to see what activities are on Strava. If the sync button isn’t working, you may need to reauthorize the account (click the chain link on the right of the screen to unlink your account and then reauthorize).