Still having problems with Data Fields and Garmin 520

I still cannot get my garmin 520 to work with the XertIQ data fields. I’ve done a factory reset, loaded them on and off, changed activity profiles updated the code by cutting and pasting and the MPA still reads 1200W rather than the 1114W it should do. I really don’t know what else to do. The Data fields on the Garmin were one of the main reasons I signed up to XErt and it’d deeply frustrating that having had them working OK for them suddenly to stop working. I really need some help on this

Hi Cary. Sorry you’re having so much trouble.
When you pasted the code, did it happen to paste spaces after the code? Can you check if there are spaces and if so remove them? You may need to then power off/on again.

If this doesn’t work. You can try removing all your app and settings. Plug in your device and go to the Garmin Apps folder and remove all the .PRG files. Then go to the Settings folder and remove all the .SET files and start over again with adding just the MPA and Power field and see if we can get that to work.

EUREKA!!! Yes there were trailing zeros when I put the code in. It now appears to work. Thanks