Star colour dsicrepancy

Can anyone tell me why the stars under training are red suggesting i am very tired but yellow suggesting i’m just tired on the planner. Thanks.

First refresh your browser page to make sure current info is displayed.
Color of stars at top of XO ( displays current form while color of arrow in pacer needle is predicted form 24 hours from now.
Planner predicts form into the future.
If you do go red after completing a high intensity activity, form can change to yellow within hours depending how deep into red you went.

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Reference –
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I am also realizing a discrepancy between the colors of the
forms curve in the Progression Chart compared to the
color of the stars shown in the Planner.
There is no change refreshing both views.

Thanks for any comments on this.

Hi @PitCRVST ,

The fitness planner always shows the freshness status using the As Of time each day. The XPMC shows your training status at the time where each activity was started.

Hi ManofSteele,
many thanks for your quick anwser.

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