spinning black wheel waiting for refresh

For some reason none of the progression charts are rendering for me. I’ve tried multiple browsers (chrome and edge), multiple refreshes, recurring error that has happened multiple times - also just allowed the wheel to spin for 30+ minutes and still haven’t had a chart render.

Check whether you have an activity with a future date.

I do not.

I was off the platform for a few months and then just recently re-joined if that helps.

Please check that your Timezone is set correctly under Account Settings. Also, if under My Fitness / Advanced your Fitness Signature is empty, you can try and enter in a value there or use the calculator to set your values (See left panel Signature Calculator link). If after doing this, you still are having issues, send us an email to support@xertonilne.com and we can look to see if you have an activiity that is preventing things from being calculated properly. Sorry for the trouble.

tried everything - i’ll contact support now

Apparently that domain isn’t registered when I tried to email

Your account should be ok now. Support email is support@xertonline.com (typo above).