Smart workouts and form


Tried my first SMART workout yesterday (Feb 5) “Run to the hills”. I wasn’t able to keep up it but that does make sense to me as I had a tough Zwift Ride & Race workout on Friday Feb 3. My form when doing was "tired. And my Friday Zwift Ride led to a fitness breakthrough and it seems well tuned with what I’m capable of right now when I’m in relativelin fresh form.

So, to my question. Shouldn’t the SMART workouts take into account my firm? So if I’m tired, fresh etc. that’d be accounted for? Would that make sense?

If you have a well established XPMC, then I would suggest taking Training Status into account when deciding on a workout. You can always override what it’s telling you but if you feel tired and it says you’re tired, then changes are “you’re tired” (no Trump jokes please). I would then focus on recovery or endurance ride if that is the case.

Ok, thanks.