Smart Workout - Ride the Lightning

I was pretty keen to do this workout, but the very first interval called for me to do 1400+ watts. My Kickr seemed to ignore the ERG request for such a high wattage, so the session stalled as I wasn’t reducing my MPA to the required level.

I tried to get it going by skipping the first interval, but ran into the same challenge at the next interval, requiring ~1100w, so skipped again. Finally, the Kickr “received” the Erg mode instruction, immediately dialing me up to 900w. Unfortunately, the Interval required me to reduce down to 75% MPA, which coming from “fresh” meant I had to hold 900+ watts for around 30s. I blew up and aborted this workout.

Was my Kickr playing up? Is it possible to Erg for such high wattages? I still feel like this would be a good session for me, but not sure if it’s possible given my set up.

For any high wattages iike that, you’re much better off doing them without erg mode. Just switch over to RESISTANCE mode and set a resistance that will allow you to reach the target. (We’ve updated the workout description to reflect this. Thanks for pointing that out.)

Hi Armando, thanks for the reply and I agree that resistance mode would be a sensible alternative. I’ll try this in future.

On a related but slight digression, this opens up to a topic I’ve been tentatively pursuing for years with Trainerroad and Wahoo.

It would be really amazing if you could prescribe/program a resistance for each interval rather than a Erg or having to manually switch the resistance up and down. I’m aware that there are the additional complexities of cadence and gearing to account for. Once these are controlled for it creates a really nice sensation to work with/against for sprints on the trainer.

For example, I can already state that my preferred gear on the trainer is about 52x15, and that for sprints over 1000w a cadence for 110+ would be likely. With this in mind, I’d plan to use a resistance of say (made up) 45% for the 1400w interva, 38% for the 1100w interval and 30% for the 900w interval. I already know this in advance, but with cu rrent state tech I have to dive for the iPad or Phone to adjust this for each interval.

Is it technically even possible to dictate a resistance to a trainer, or is Erg mode the only way to “Talk” to a Kickr.

It is possible but do realize that with our Garmin Workout Player, once in resistance mode, you can swipe/up-down to control resistance in 5% increments. I can see being able to define a workout interval target as resistance in the workout definition some point down the road however.