Smart - No Time to Cry

Just completed this workout for the first time and it was much easier than expected! but I now see why. When I look in table view for the workout then the wattages look ok but when I look at the erg file the XSS % are showing as an absolute wattage number e.g. 60% XSS shows as only 60 watts. Am I doing something wrong or can’t the Smart workouts produce erg files?

We’re looking into this. There will be issues with variable power intervals since we won’t be able to effectively emulate them in an ERG file.

I just did it too on the xert mobile…cool to see the intervals adjust on the fly! The ERG version i tried on saturday was way too easy, as Don found. Have to do them with the app.

Fix has been put in for this. Please verify.

I won’t have time to try it on the trainer for a couple of days but looking at the erg file it all looks fine now. Thx for the fast fix :grinning: