Skiing vacation: what to do in Xert

I am off to a one-week skiing trip (downhill). Any hints on how to handle this in Xert?

  • Should I change my Improvement Rate or Signature Decay?
  • Any idea on how to set XSS for the skiing?
  • Or should I just leave Xert alone and continue after the trip?


Will you be doing any riding during your vacation? If not, just leave Xert alone until you get back. When you return you’ll see a big XSS deficit and the Advisor will pace you towards getting back on track with your training. The XSS deficit will continue for a week after you return, but that will settle down by week two. Oh, and the reason for not adding XSS for your skiing? Ski fitness is not translated to cycling fitness in a 1-for-1 ratio. So, if you added XSS for your alpine skiing, when you get back on the bike Xert will think you’re more fit than you really are, and prescribe workouts accordingly, risking over training or injury.

thanks for your reply. I will just leave Xert alone, forget about cycling for a week and then continue as you proposed.