Signature calculator and work out question

I have the following question: I have a workout that lasted 45 minuts, however I save it in in several files: 4 of these files are at 250 watts for 4 minutes, plus warm ups and cooldowns. Does XERT know the difference! i dont think so, because it could understand these workouts as separate rather than one exercice which is the case. Can I merge them, ? How do I handle this! Thanks

The only thing you need to consider is that each activity starts from an unfatigued state. MPA = PP at the very beginning. If this was true in your workouts, then there won’t be any impact to your fitness signature or progression information.

OK, in this case the only UN fatigued state is the first 4 minute interval at 250, but i save it as a separate file. then i do 3 min at 160 and save it, etc, and the I repeat for 4 times. without ever resting plus the cooldown. You may wonder why, i use a trainer with wahoo app and basically I “wing” it and now that i found out about your package i am giving it a test drive by dowloading thru dropbox the wahoo files for the last 2 years. the signature appears to be OK, except that when I checked some of the recommended workouts, the power specified is a little less than what I do ( VO 2 max), thats why I thought the reason could be due to the fact that i save the files on the wahoo app separately ( because i need to change the erg wattage in between ). Thanks

If your recordings are starting from a fatigued state and wish to have them properly analyzed, then you’re going to have to find a way to concatenate them unfortunately.

Thanks! I’ll try to do that! Is it possible to delete the dataset that I input into Xert? It’s for 2 years but probably I should only put in the last 3 months! Or does xert only use the last " so many data sets " like 2 or 3 months to perform the signature calculator? Thanks!

3 months is a general guideline. Some athletes (with race data, for example) have seen good results with even with just one uploaded activity. Some never push themselves to their limit after many months of riding. The key is to have data with maximal efforts.

Thanks! Got it!