Side by side or overlay for workouts

Is it possible?

You can open up two separate windows for workouts. Right click and “open link in new window”. If you meant “activities”, you can do the same or you can download the data and compare it directly.

What are you looking to determine with the the side by side comparison?

i just did one of the “hardness” tests for the second time…same signature… I’m trying to figure out if I’ve gotten “harder”…yes, I know, maturity level of a 12 year old here. Superimposing them is convenient. I’ll download.

Same level? You’ll have noticed that each level increments XSS by 10 for the 1 hour workout.

level 4 for both. OK, I’m using these the wrong way. I was under the impression that repeating the same test gave you an idea of your progress… mental toughness, etc… next time level 5 then.