Short Workout MPA Test

I completed a short workout and my signature increased from 336w to 352w with a new 5.7w 4 minute power achievement. I know I have made some progression as of late but I’m worried my signature might be a little high. Should I use the new numbers or split the difference until I can do another hard MPA effort.

Depending on your power meter, if there is an data error in-and-around your maximal effort, you can get a jump in values. These can be hard for our software to pick up and address. You’ll usually see these on breakthrough activities as having short Maximal Effort Time values, often with just 1 point on the MPA line. If you feel this isn’t reflective of your fitness, you can adjust your numbers accordingly. Many times, it is reflective and so can be used to track your progression. If you’re just coming off of a good block of high-intensity training and your Training Load is high, and are near levels where you had higher signature values, you may simply be expressing your true fitness. You’ll need to assess this.