Server down alternative workout

Consider an update to the mobile apps with the following enhancement.
Under Workout selection list a few canned workouts such as Hardness Tests by star rating or similar selections. These offline workouts are pre-loaded into the app and can be run without a Xertonline connection. No search required.
For example, if your TS is currently 3 stars you can select a 3 star workout or dial down to 2 or challenge yourself with 4. Or offer a single offline workout that allows you to select star rating and type. It could even be a SMART version.
Upon completion the workout is saved for later upload. No need to show the flat tire connection failed image. Just save the workout with a reminder to upload later when server is back online.

Next add instructions to the Xertonline off-line message page such as –
Unscheduled maintenance/server tune-up. We are working hard to put you back in the saddle. Please try again later.
If your workout schedule is limited we suggest you run our mobile app and select an offline workout to complete.

The outage was for ~1.5 hours in over 3 years of uptime so I don’t know if we should allocate that much effort to this over other priorities. We have a project to add additional resilience to our server infrastructure that will reduce these occurrences even more and hopefully eliminate them altogether.

Okay, save this suggestion for a rainy day.
It depends on how many people freak out during an outage. :slight_smile:
I don’t think you can eliminate server outages altogether and since you have users 24/7 around the world it will eventually affect someone somewhere (server down, scheduled maintenance, whatever).
An offline workout function would also mean you could workout anywhere even if a cellular connection is unavailable.
That’s not a likely scenario for most but it’s not unusual when camping at state and national parks in the US.

Technically you can do a workout without a network connection with the Garmin. It will use your last loaded workout. Appreciate your comments.