Send workouts as email attachments

I have been using Xert for a month. I am sold. I plan to be a long term user – so I am going to throw out a few ideas to consider. I have some sense of the amount of work that has gone into putting this system together. I appreciate that some ideas that sound easy sometimes are not. But getting ideas from diverse users is a great way to improve the product, so here is idea number 1 …

The workout mode is a real highlight. I plan on using it a couple of times a week on the trainer … probably year-round. When I click on “workout” I can export to a .erg file. I then cut/paste this data into a file, then email that file to myself, then open the email on my iPhone, click on the attachment and open in the app of my choice – such as Hurts Ergo. Packaging a workout into a file and sending to the user in one-click would be a nice option. I understand that Xert Mobile provides this functionality, but placing nice with other apps is important – for example Xert rea ps huge benefits by connecting to Strava and Garmin.

So the feature request is to add a button to email workout to the user’s primary email address.

Thanks Todd! Great to hear. You should have to go through the trouble. I would suggest you setup a Dropbox on your desktop and mobile phone and simply save the file to your Dropbox folder. This will allow you to open it directly from your mobile. We’ll add the ability to email out the workout as an attachment as a feature request.

Soon though, everything will be seamless. You’ll be able to simply select your workout and play it on a compatible Garmin device. The app will operate differently than other apps in that it will support variable power and duration intervals. This will allow the workout to adjust on-the-fly. If you have a Garmin or Android, this would be the optimal way of performing our workouts.

Sounds like a great plan. I am looking forward to the ride. Just being able to save the .erg data to a file would be a great feature.

Which OS/browser are you using? Many Safari users have another step in the process (unfortunately). Chrome users get prompted to save the ERG file rather than it just appearing within browser, saving a step.

OK. Thanks. I am using MacOS/Safari. I will give Chrome a try.

yes I have to switch to Chrome on my Mac (sigh)