segment hunter

hi, i have set this up and signed in using 520. i have starred segments in Strava and imported into Xert, then selected the segments in xert i want to hunt. the app is always prowling… it has not locked on to a segment. am i missing a step?

Do you see the list of segments on your screen when using the datafield in full screen? When you are near a segment (within 500m) it will switch to Stalking mode. If you do not see Stalking, your devices GPS may not be working correctly (sometimes the activity profile disables GPS) or you may have mistaken the start of the segment.

thanks for your reply. i do have strava live segments active. this goes off when i am near a starred segment. would this take priority over your app? will full screen improve the functionality ?

There could be conflicts with how laps are triggered. You may want to disable live segments and see if that makes things work better.