Segment Hunter

Great work on this! I tried it for the first time this morning and achieved a breakthrough on a local climb. However, I had a lot of problems getting my starred segments onto the app. At first, I kept getting errors on the web page when selecting segments to sync, which would cause the previously loaded segments to disappear and require reloading from Strava, but I tried it again a couple of times from my phone browser while on the ride and eventually, the app listed the segments and it worked great. However, I still seem to have problems any time I visit the segments page on the site, my list of selected segments has been lost and I need to redownload and select them again, Any advice?

Similar problems here - my segments load up on the sync page and after making two or three selections a message appears “Sorry. There is a problem selecting segment. Please contact Xert Support” The selected segments then don’t get loaded onto my 520 and the chosen segments and changes are lost next time I go to the sync page. Same problem using my PC and my iPhone.

Yes. We’re on it.

I understand that there is a limit of 5 segments on an Edge device. But is there also a limit on the segments on the website pulled from Strava? In case pulling segments work (see issues above), not all starred segments are being shown…

You may want to limit the number of starred segments. There isn’t a search function yet on the Xert Segments page so I may be more difficult to manage.

I’m not worried about being unable to find a segment on the Xert page, I just noticed that not all starred segments were loaded/pulled from Strava. I’ll take your answer as “no, there is no limit”.

Yes. Correct.

I experience the following problem. After pushing the ‘Load my starred Strava segments’ I receive the following error message: “There was a problem processing this operation. Please try again later”. It’s been like this since yesterday. Anyone out there experiencing the same problem? In fact, is it a known issue? I tried to revoke Strava updates and then activate it again. But no change.

Hi Roland. Please send support an email and we can look to track this down.

Thanks, will do!