Segment hunter target time

Hi Armando,
Loving segment hunter, however am a bit confused by the target time. On a local climb I added a target time of 10:00 minutes to stretch my abilities and to aim for a top ten. Granted this was definitely a tough one based on my power curve so I selected hard breakthrough on the line and was looking forward to being stretched to the max. During the ride I followed the pacing tool and exceeded it for the most part. Afterward I did get a breakthrough however I finished at 12:30 minutes and felt I could have pushed a fair bit harder.

So my question; is the pacing tool using my current signature and setting the target power based on signature alone? If so, is there any way I can set the pacing tool to show the watts I need to put out to hit my selected target time (even if in reality it may not be acheivable)?


Read the description carefully. It doesn’t try and calculate the wattage you need (weight, bike aerodynamics, hills, wind would factor into that) to reach the time but uses the time as an initial guess based on your fitness signature and helps you do your best. Frankly, trying to get you to perform to a time that is too short or too long for you isn’t all that useful. Getting you to do your best is far better. “felt I could have pushed a fair bit harder”?? by achieving a breakthrough, this is highly unlikely and only if your signature is wrong. :wink:

Got it! Thanks Armando

Curious… If you get a chance to do that segment again, try setting your Target Time to 15:00 and report back on your time. It most likely will be slightly better than 12:30, assuming you reach a breakthrough at the very end as well. This is because in your first effort, you were positively split and here you’ll be negatively split. This will keep Difficulty Score lower making it a bit easier to hit the target during the segment, particularly towards the end even though the intensity will be a bit higher.

Thanks Armando, I’ll do that. The segment is a bit of a distance away so will arrange some ride time with the missus and feedback to you when done. She’ll understand if I say it’s all in the name of science! :smile:

Hi Armando, I did the ride again however segment hunter didn’t synchronise so I had to do the climb based on feel. I thought I pushed harder this time around though the figures show I was 10 watts off the previous run. Am not sure if this was due to the pacing tool guiding me better or a headwind takingit out of me on the way to the climb this time.

Either way I’ll see I can get out there again before season ends to try a segment synchronised attempt