Searching forum for info about multiple events

I’m new to Xert and apologize in advance if this question has already been answered. Actually I have 2 questions:

Is there a way to search the forum posts?

I’ve prioritized several races this season and am looking for information on how to add multiple events so my training is in optimized for those events with the highest priority.


Hi Ron. Unfortunately this forum doesn’t have a search feature but our support site does and we do make an effort to keep all the good bits available there. Wrt multiple events, the system helps you manage things a bit more fluidly than having things cast in stone with set dates and protocols. For example, if you’re in the build phase towards a goal event (A) but have another event you wish to participate in (B), you can reduce your Improvement Rate leading into the B event if you wish to taper and have some extra freshness. If you’re looking to do a bit more prep work, you can add specific Focus workouts / activities before that event as needed. Simply select those with the appropriate Focus from the recommended list, as an example. If the event trashes you and you need a few more days to recover afterwards, that’s ok too. The system will accommodate. It caters more to flexibility and managing progress than rigid planning.

thanks for helping me understand!