Running Power & Cycling Power?

Just loaded some running power data from a STRYD power meter. I was expecting a second fitness signature for running, but it combined cycling and running. Now my fitness signature is skewed. Any plans to make a running fitness signature? Kind of odd as they are two totally separate sports and TP are not equal.

Yes. Multiple sports profiles under a single athlete account is in our plans. There are others that are using multiple accounts to separate their data and using various methods to consolidate to get a single view. One main issue that we’ll need account for is how various strain scores and thus training loads cross-over from one sport to another. It isn’t necessarily 1:1.

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I had a long and great discussion with Armando, on this forum, 3 months ago about the topic. Try to search it.

Shar, Search… HA ha ha… This forum doesn’t have a search feature… I went through 4 pages and didn’t find anything.

Armando, Thanks… Hope to see multiple profiles in one account soon.

Very true, even myself couldn’t find it, as I tried yesterday! Hum:(