Replace the 520, or is another Garmin better for running Xert Apps

New to XERT and I have a Garmin 520 that i need to replace as the battery no longer lasts long enough. I can get a refurbished one for a very reasonable price. Will this be good enough to run Xert Apps well, or should is there a better option in which case i won’t bother with the refurbished one. I like the size of the 520 and i can’t find anything in the specs with regard to the processor in the 520+ or 820 that suggest they have more processing power or better battery life than the 520, but i recall seeing something saying the 520 is no good for XERT

The main drawback with the 520 is the limitation of only having 4 CIQ fields. Once you start using the Xert apps, you run out pretty quick. The Segment Hunter also runs in a more limited way (doesn’t have the same full screen view) on the 520 compared to the 520+.

Thanks, and does the 820 have any advantages of the 520+ with respect to Xert?


how many ciq fields do you get on the 520+ - is it the same no. as the 1030?

Should be 10. You can check the specs.