Remote Player

Hi, i am trying to evaluate the workout player on my turbo setup, i have a Kickr Snap trainer and the bike has garmin ANt+ speed and cadence sensors, normally this runs Zwift on my Macbook with an ant usb dongle. I tried the Xert mobile Android app on my tablet to replay a smart workout, scan found my Kickr and HRM but i get no cadence or speed as the sensors are not Bluetooth, also i was not convinced it was controlling the Kickr correctly. I have a couple of questions, is it possible to replay workouts from the macbook using my existing ant+ setup? Secondly the mobile app appeared to reset my Kickr brake settings meaning i had to redo spindowns before resuming Zwift at the correct levels. Ideally i would envisage switching between Zwift and Xert mobile but on first test this appears overly cumbersome. Shame as i like the concept of Xert Smart workouts and updated FTP (without test)

It should work without issue with either Bluetooth or ANT+. Are you using a secondary power meter? Firmware up-to-date? You can try using a ANT+ stick with a USB OTG cable for the Android. You’ll have the same data show on Xert Mobile and Zwift. To test Xert Mobile, connect the trainer and then tap-and-hold a cell to show Erg Mode and tap to set the value. If you can’t control the trainer power manually, then the workouts will not work correctly.

In addition, be sure the trainer isn’t being controlled by Zwift at the same time. :slight_smile: