Relationship PP/TP

After my last workout which included a few hard sprints, I noticed, that, as a result of it, my PP increased of course, but surprisingly my TP lowered significantly. Is there a relationship between these two parameters, which causes this effect and which I simply oversee? Maybe it is important to know, that I do not perform sprints during my Indoor season for a few months which results in my PP lowering substantially. Thanks for any explanations

Hi Bernard. Check out our FAQ on this topic: It gets into how parameters are related and how your rides can affect them. Let us know if there is anything missing from these explanations.

Thank you Armando; as I can see in the FAQ, my HIE is in range with PP, but I can still not explain the lowered TP. Here are the numbers from today: PP from 689 to 881; HIE from 14,6 to 15,8; TP from 300 to 293.

…I missed to provide an important information: the new fitness signatures are the result of a breakthrough today, that is the reason for my wondering about the reduced TP…

It’s not uncommon to see a fitness signature parameter decline after an activity is analyzed. See our glossary on Fitness Breakthrough. The decline may just be an artifact of the analysis or it might be a real reflection of declined fitness. If you feel that the breakthrough changes aren’t valid, you can flag the activity so that the changes are ignored. If you’re actively generating breakthroughs, you can leave it as is and look for an increase back during a subsequent breakthrough activity.