Recalculate Progression

Hi Armando I saw this button in red with an exclamation next to it yesterday and pressed it (I hadn’t changed any XPMC settings) - what does it do? My signature has changed to something that seems more like how I feel now, rather than when I’m fresher but I also noticed some breakthrough workouts were changed to near breakthroughs, and now my homepage is saying my signature is stale, despite near breakthroughs in last few days.
It’s a great tool but I think you need to consider the technological determinism of the training deficit concept and how the tool factors rest weeks into its suggestions. Right now I know through experience I need an easy week and I will probably breakthrough in a race I have next week, but it would be nice if the tool were able to also suggest this. I guess it’s on your roadmap :slight_smile: cheers andy

Hi Andy. Check our FAQs for more information on Progression Recalculations. They should be done sparingly, if ever.

The advisor will recommended rest weeks when you are “Very tired” but still have a high deficit due to your chosen Improvement Rate. By moving to a lower improvement rate, you are essentially adding more recovery into your plan. This advice is shown under the Advice button.

You are due for a breakthrough for sure! Good luck next week.

Thanks - can I offer the advice that the red button with an exclamation looks like something you must click rather than “sparingly, if ever” ? I work in UX for very big brands in the UK and red with exclamation is a pattern i would use where something must be done, for users who may not have read all the faq (mea culpa). nevertheless an awesome app and one that i feel is helping me improve…

They promised to think about changing that…see also!/support:recalculate-progression