Ranking Chart Broken


Started to happen recently, in the Ranking section of the site the plot chart seems to point to 100% values for all of the different power/duration snapshots. This was replicated on both Safari and Crome browsers.

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Yes I just noticed this too…

Changing to All Genders seems to fix it but by age-group and gender remains amiss.
Speaking of age group – Would be nice if that changed to Month/Year entry so you don’t have to adjust your age once a year. :wink:
Doesn’t need to include day of the month.

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Same. I was beginning to think maybe everyone else in my demographic had quit and deleted their data. Glad to see it’s just a bug.

Regarding age group, I have been assuming those were by decade (at least the ones at the bottom). Is that wrong?



Any updates on this?

Haven’t had any issues since it was fixed shortly after being reported.
Try refreshing browser page (F5 in Windows).

Cheers for the quick reply!

I burnout in Jan and I’m just half way from were I left it. This is not my PB

This is from my phone, but same result in a different browser/platform

I think the OP was reporting an issue with the spider chart. Is that working for you?
In regard to the Personal chart what happens when you click on ? then Details to view the BT workout/ride that is being referenced? How long ago was it compared to PB BT activity?

My spider chart doesn’t look right to, but if Xert had a big newcomers uptake it might have had an influence and I’m not sure. But I have dropped a few good points in the spider chart.

The ? Referes me to my last BT 2 weeks ago. My PB was in December.

Perhaps something to do with which signature numbers are affected by BT events in past.
What happens if you click Goals and change Athlete type to one in a different quadrant?
Also try Gender, Age Group, and Year.
If everything still seems off send a note to support@xertonline.com.

Even if I change Age, gender and time frame the results are the same.

As you suggested, I’ll contact @support

Mine definitely seemed off last night with 100% around the spider. This morning it looked more normal, except all my performance numbers seem to be significantly lower than they were until recently. Am I suddenly toward the bottom of the dataset or was I incorrectly a little above average before? Did the dataset change? Or is it still wonky?

Hope to get everything figured out. Thanks.

It appears there are some issues when the data is being regenerated on the server. Looking into it.

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