Quirky workout readings

I tried a “Triathlon” workout. the estimated watts were all over the place even though I kept the cadence pretty consistent and gearing the same (varying from 0-600+ watts). When I was done the workout was labeled “Climer”

Which trainer / power meter are you using?

Kinetic Road machine

Our app doesn’t support Virtual Power unfortunately. You were likely picking up Derived Power from Xert Mobile. Derived Power is in experimental status at this time and it is power measured from heart rate. Your HRM needs to be transmitting decent data before you start recording otherwise you’ll get large swings in power. It is also uncalibrated to you so it may likely be inaccurate. Once our calibration procedure (you’ll need a real power meter for this) becomes available, you’ll be able to use derived power with very accurate results. In the interim, we require that you use Xert Mobile with a power meter on your bike.